Why I’m Running

We know what is at stake in this election. The soul of our nation, our Commonwealth, and our community is on the line. At this moment, we are called upon to all do a little more.

It’s time for me to step up. With the support of my family and other leaders in the district, I’m running to flip this seat that has been held by a Republican since just after the Civil War. In order for us to be successful, this must be a group effort.

I will always be proud of the work I’ve done with my brothers and sisters of Plumbers Local 690 and of the more than 40 years I’ve spent fighting for change in Pennsylvania. But now, I’m ready for another fight. For me, these issues are personal.

As a recent cancer survivor, I know that every Pennsylvanian deserves affordable healthcare as a basic right—not a privilege. If it weren’t for my health insurance, there’s no doubt that diagnosis would have bankrupted my family. Even more, without my health insurance, I’d be dead. We need someone willing to fight like their life depends on it, because for so many, their life really does.

When I think about the future I want for my own children, I know that we’ve got to invest in quality public education, take on the wage gap between men and women, defend a woman’s right to choose, and protect our planet’s future by building a green economy that our kids can be proud to inherit. These issues must be a top priority for anyone that represents the people of Chester and Delaware Counties and right now we don’t have that.

We know what we’re up against—despite the corruption, his lack of character, and disastrous policies, Tom Killion has supported Donald Trump through thick and thin. It’s time that the families of Chester and Delaware Counties had a Senator who fights for them.

I hope that you will join me in this fight.