Key Issues

Providing Affordable, Quality Healthcare for All Pennsylvanians

In 2015, after dealing with some discomfort in my ear, I went to get it checked out. My doctor discovered a tumor in my nose, and after a biopsy, it was determined to be inoperable; the only treatment available was radiation and chemotherapy. Three months of treatment, and about a hundred pounds later, I was in remission.

My story would not have been possible without the incredible health insurance provided by my union. I may not be alive and my family would be bankrupt. Our Commonwealth suffers when people cannot afford health insurance. Healthcare and prescription drugs must be affordable for all.

Black Lives Matter and Criminal Justice Reform

Unequivocally, Black Lives Matter. As a nation, and as elected officials, it is our responsibility to confront systems of racial injustice and work to reform them wherever they are. Overwhelming majorities of Pennslyvanians support these common sense policies that have been shown to make our communities safer.

Meaningful reform includes an end to mass incarceration, eliminating cash bail, and reforming sentencing to eliminate prison for non-violent drug offenders. All of these practices have historically been used to target People of Color. Our leaders in government must truly meet the moment and enact real change.

Demanding Reproductive Justice and Pay Equity

Across the country, we have seen a calculated, consistent assault on women’s reproductive rights. State Legislatures all over the United States have been passing legislation to limit women’s ability to make their own healthcare decisions and their right to choose. Tom Killion was a supporter of one of the most restrictive, anti-choice pieces of legislation anywhere in the country. I pledge my unwavering support in favor of a woman’s right to choose.

Say it with me – women deserve equal pay for equal work. As business manager of Plumbers Local 690, my union sisters and brothers receive the same wages for a job. It is time to bring this common sense solution to workers across Pennsylvania.

Investing in Public Schools, Education, and Job Training

Our children and their future must be the first thing on anyone’s mind who wants to represent this district. Education can level the playing field and be a driving factor in eliminating inequality in our society. For me, I knew from an early age that college was not my ticket, but a vocational program where I learned to be a plumber is what allowed me and my family to build a life together. I want to make sure that all our kids have the same options and opportunities for a successful future.

Whether it be in K-12, higher education, or vocational training, we need a Senator willing to fight for more investment in our future. I will work with Governor Wolf to lead the way on ensuring our schools are properly funded. Tom Killion was a big supporter of former Governor Tom Corbett’s deep cuts to education funding. We deserve a Senator who is better than that.

Protecting Against Climate Change and Demanding More Pipeline Safeguards

We are on a dangerous course to permanently damage our planet for our future generations. Global inaction, and inaction here in Pennsylvania, will be the defining feature of my generation moving forward. We must work to preserve our environment and recognize the scientific reality that is Climate Change. More investments and greater commitment to renewable energy, like wind and solar, will create new jobs and help combat the dangerous effects of climate change.

I will hold Sunoco and the large corporations to the highest levels of transparency and accountability. We know the Mariner East Pipeline should have never been built near homes, schools, and hospitals. This fight is not over and we have to continue to hold this project to the highest safety levels.

Common Sense Gun Safety and Gun Violence Prevention

Government’s first job is ensuring the safety of its citizens. Each year, over 34,000 people are killed by a gun. It is irresponsible for politicians to continue to delay action to protect their constituents. We need common sense solutions that the overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians, including gun owners, support.

We need universal background checks at every point of sale. We must ban assault weapons and institute a voluntary buyback program. We have to enact Gun Violence Restraining Orders, so that family members or friends of a gun owner can seek a court order when they fear the gun owner may harm themselves or others. These common sense solutions will literally save people’s lives.

Recruiting New Businesses and Good, Better-paying Jobs to Our Region

As a plumber, I’ve spent my career fighting for high paying, quality jobs for my members. As your Senator, I will continue that effort to bring better paying jobs to our district. We need an economy that works for all, not just those at the top.

Every State that borders Pennsylvania has a higher minimum wage than the Federal minimum, but our workers lag behind. Pennsylvania workers haven’t had a pay increase in over a decade. We must invest in our workforce to ensure a future for our families. I will go to Harrisburg and work tirelessly on behalf of workers in Pennsylvania.